Carefirst Seniors & Community Services Association


Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association (Carefirst) is a non-profit charitable community services agency established since 1976. Carefirst is funded by government and United Way.

Carefirst's commitment to serve the community is based on the belif that
"care" for our clients comes "first". Meeting their needs is our primary concern and focus.

Our spectrum of services has grown from the delivery of meals-on-wheels service to a full range of community support services, covering the Greater Toronto Area, York Region, and Mississauga. 
We strive to maximize their well-being through a range of social, health care, and supportive services planned and delivered through an integrated model of care. We will ensure that a comprehensive range of services are delivered by an effective team of professionals and volunteers on a holistic bases. We serve over 16,000 clients each year with the help of 500 staff members, a pool of 600 active volunteers and an annual operating budget of $24 million.

Carefirst clients include: 

  • Older Adults: To promote and expand our services including long-term care, medical care, home care, transporation, Chronic Disease Management and Wellness Programs, etc.
  • Immigrants / New Residents: To support their integration into Canadian society by facilitating social, recreational, information and referral services.
  • Chinese, Asian & South-Asian Communities: To provide linguistically relevant social and primary health services.
  • Youth: To provide them with learning and volunteering opportunities. 

Carefirst worked diligently the last three years to combat COVID-19 in the hardest-hit communities in south east Markham and Scarborough. In addition to delivering COVID-19 testing and wrap-around care to these communities, Carefirst supported Scarborough Ontario Health Team, North York Toronto Health Partners, and Markham Stouffville Hospital to organize and operate COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

About Carefirst Family Health Team 

Carefirst Family Health Team is a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, social workers, dieticians, physiotherapist and medical receptionists. The team collaboratively delivers exceptional comprehensive primary care to our communities. Our spectrum of services covers diagnosis, treatment, wellness promotion and prevention programs.

We have a robust Chronic Disease Management and Prevention program and are actively involved in many of the Ontario Health Team’s primary care initiatives. Our partnerships across the community ensure our patients receive coordinated and high quality of care. As a community FHT we collaborate closely with Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association and also have unique access to a team of on-site specialists at our Scarborough location operated by Carefirst including cardiology, endocrinology, nephrology, allergies, optometry, geriatrics medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, chiropody and audiology.


About Carefirst Foundation

Carefirst Foundation was founded in 2006 and registered as a charitable non-profit organization to fundraise for Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association (Carefirst Seniors) and other organizations with similar objectives to provide stable and quality community services for individuals in need.

Carefirst Foundation is excited to commit to supporting Carefirst Seniors' for another very meaningful and innovative development of a "Campus of Care". The goal is to raise $7.5 million to support the construction of the $76 million capital project, projected to be completed by 2025.