In the last 3 years, COVID-19 has caused unprecedented challenges for many non-profit organizations, impacting tens of thousands of seniors who rely on community services to maintain their well-being. Despite the difficulties, Carefirst has remained steadfast in our commitment to support the needy clients and meet the community needs. 


In response to the growing need for comprehensive long-term care in the community, Carefirst is approved by the Ministry of Long-Term Care to develop a "Campus of Care” at 9893 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill. Carefirst Campus of Care will provide integrated social and health care services and programs in a well-coordinated manner.


The Campus will include: 

  • A Long-term Care Home - 124 beds for seniors / individuals with special needs
  • A Medical Center - primary care / specialist care clinics for 10,000 patients
  • A Social Community Hub - Adult Day Center, home and community care coordination
  • A Community Kitchen / Cafeteria - serving the community and the meals-on-wheels
  • A Multi-purpose Hall - sports, recreation activities, cultural shows and exhibitions
  • Assisted Living Units - 36 Life Lease units with on-site support services for retirees / older adults aged 65 and above

Our goal is to raise $7.5 million within the next three years to support the construction of the $76-million capital project.


Over the past two years, with dedication, commitment and passion, Carefirst has worked relentlessly to finalize the Campus’s architectural design and successfully obtained approval of the site plan from the City of Richmond Hill. The Campus is scheduled to ground-break in Spring 2024.


With your support, we hope to continue providing quality care and reach more seniors in the community. 


Together we can create stronger and more vibrant communities. 


Visit the Campus of Care website to learn more.